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debs for dummy's

Overview of basic Debian apt* and dpkg commands. If applicable the rpm equivalents are listed. The dpkg command often has similar features and purpose to rpm commands. The nework based apt* commands have no similar rpm counterparts. For rpm evry vendor has his owen sollution and there are several other efforts that try to match the debian sollution.

list packages:

 dpkg -l
 equivalent of : rpm -qa

list files:

 dpkg -L perl
 equivalent of : rpm -ql perl

update local package list from the repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list:

 apt-get update

search in local package list:

 apt-cache search perl

show package info:

 apt-cache show perl
 equivalent of : rpm -qi perl   or   rpm -qpi perl.rpm

install packages:

 apt-get install perl

remove packages:

 apt-get remove perl   or   dpkg -r perl
 equivalent of : rpm -e perl

install local .deb file:

 dpkg -i perl.deb
 equivalent of : rpm -i perl.rpm


apt-get does respect the http_proxy env setting.

...but you can also set it in the appropriate config

root@begentw006248:/etc/apt# cat apt.conf
Acquire::http::Proxy "";

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