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I want to use my desktop for file navigation!

  • Wallpapered desktops withouth functionality are usless
  • I have too many damn file browsers open, they are always hidden behind other windows and even the 2 pane norton commander style apps are not enough.
  • Prerequisite fast dektop access a-la mac osx. The windows variant is fucked-up, sont get me started.
  • My navigator should run *on* the desktop.
  • I do NOT want a tree view. This is clumsy and crazy for large deep structures.
  • Everything should dragg & drop. everything should be evenly usefull with only the keyboard and copy / paste shortcuts.
  • The rest of the desktop should still be available for temporary file storage. a function to group them easy and fast would be nice.
  • Be able to be in different locations at once (tabs) is a must.
  • Fast access shortcuts.
  • Quickly see where i am and jump back in my file-path.
  • Fast & full detail of files (no thumbs).
  • Optional pull down (with hierarchy) for more favorites.

Here is a mock-up - and yes it is finder inspired.


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