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Why I like Firefox... POWER to the user!


Goto Google, or any other site with a search-bar, right-click and add a keyword for this search to use it in the adressbar (followed by a space and search keywords).

The chrome feature with keywords

Bookmark these URL's and add a small keyword to the bookmark properties. Now you can open the preferences and other windows in a tab by typing the keyword in the adressbar!

  • chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul
  • chrome://browser/content/history/history-panel.xul
  • chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/bookmarksManager.xul
  • chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/downloads.xul

This one is just plain wierd-and-scary :S

  • chrome://browser/content/browser.xul


To configure and tuning firefox parameters, type this in your adressbar: 'about:config'. Change parameters at your own risk, see "More hacks" for help below on this page!

More useful about-pages:

  • about:
  • about:config
  • about:buildconfig
  • about:plugins
  • about:credits
  • about:cache
  • about:blank
  • about:neterror
  • about:license
  • about:Mozilla

Why open mail client to compose new mails?

Use the adressbar for sending mails with your default mail client like this, '' (this actually works for any browser).

some usefull extensions

  • live http headers - cannot miss this for a sec.
  • user agent switcher - for fooling stupid web "developers"
  • web developer - lots of them out there, invaluable if you "HTML"
  • IE-tab - nessesary evil for stupid-corporate-proprietary-IE-only-webpages, SSO and testing. No reason to leave FF for that ;)
  • foxy proxy - change proxy quickly
  • noscript - enable only scripting from trusted sites
  • adblock plus - block URL's using wildcards
  • Newsfox - RSS reader
  • Tree style tab - more & wider tabs on the sidebar
  • see also:
  • see also:

Browser apps

There are also a number of applications in the form of [mainly XUL] extension available. Some examples: IRC client, FTP(S) client, games, calculators, IM client, web server, RSS readers, music player, etc. (see extensions XUL page).

Move away the profile

I was running into a problem on windows with my corporate user profile when using FF. My limit is 3MiB and the FF profile cache is taking away a large chunk of this. By moving the profile directory away from your user profile to another place on the local drive this problem is solved (got a laptop, so local=roaming for me).

  1. Change the .ini file and make sure to set the relative path to "0" before changing the profile path.
  2. Copy the profile data to the path you specified.

More hacks

Favorite version: still => moved to FF3b5

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