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Early stage description of JSLogo...

UNIX name: jslogo

Project name: Pretorian Gate

License: MIT

Language: ECMA-262 ;) (or at least something close to it)

Description: The javascript provides you a watermark in the lower right corner which is clickable. If you hoover over the logo with your mouse while pressing [shift]+[ctrl] it will redirect you to a secret page.


The Code:

The inclusion code for your HTML page, place this somewhere in an open space within the body tags. Beginning or end does not really matter...

<div id="watermarklogo" style="position:absolute;"></div>
<script src="js/jslogo.js" type="text/javascript">
  //clickable watermark in bottom right corner

Issues: pop-up blocking must be disabled for this webpage!

Related words:

  • logo
  • dynamic drive
  • geocities
  • watermark
  • the net
  • pretorian
  • gatekeeper
  • pi
  • javascript

Suggested project (software) names:

  • Citie Drive
  • DD Mark
  • Pretorian Gate
  • Geonet Gate
  • Dynamic Logo
  • Water Gate
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