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Lean Windows XP (SP2)

stats on 20080903T234230

  • 65MiB memory usage
  • 17processes (incl. 3 VMware processes)
  • 1,06GiB used diskspace (including some additional software and full SUN java 1.5 environment)
  • 17services active
Name	Status  
COM+ Event System	Started
Cryptographic Services	Started
DCOM Server Process Launcher	Started
DHCP Client	Started
DNS Client	Started
Logical Disk Manager	Started
Network Connections	Started
Network Location Awareness (NLA)	Started
Plug and Play	Started
Protected Storage	Started
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)	Started
Security Accounts Manager	Started
Shell Hardware Detection	Started
System Event Notification	Started
VMware Tools Service	Started
Windows Management Instrumentation	Started
Workstation	Started

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