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  • wikipedia: Comparison of platform virtual machines
  • Using Debian to host Virtual Computers - good overview of main options
  • Vhost net: fast KVM networking in Kernel 2.6.34
  • Debian LXC (LXC is available starting with Debian lenny (Kernel 2.6.26), however the LXC userspace tools are not packaged for lenny, so they would have to be built from source. Squeeze will have full support for LXC.)


mkdir /dev/cgroup
mount -t cgroup cpuset -ocpuset /dev/cgroup # do not mount ",ns" or moving tasks will not work
mkdir -p /dev/cgroup/wl01
cd /dev/cgroup/wl01
echo 0 > cpuset.cpus ; echo 0 > cpuset.mems
echo 1886 > tasks
# check
cat /proc/[0-9]*/cgroup
find /proc/[0-9]*/cgroup | xargs grep "/[a-z]"
ps -e -o pid,ppid,user,gid,stime,%cpu,%mem,comm,cgroup | grep wl01

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