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UNIX(tm) Signals

    SIGHUP      1    Termin.       Hang up on controlling terminal
    SIGINT      2    Termin.       Interrupt. Generated when we enter CNRTL-C
    SIGQUIT     3    Core          Generated when at terminal we enter CNRTL-\ (=Quit?)
    SIGILL      4    Core          Generated when we executed an illegal instruction
    SIGTRAP     5    Core          Trace trap (not reset when caught)
    SIGABRT     6    Core          Generated by the abort function
   +SIGEMT      7    Core          Emulation Trap
    SIGFPE      8    Core          Floating Point error (=Arithmetic Exception)
    SIGKILL     9    Termin.       Termination / Killed (can't catch, block, ignore)
    SIGBUS     10    Core          Generated in case of hardware fault (=Bus Error)
    SIGSEGV    11    Core          Generated in case of illegal address (=Segmentation Fault)
    SIGSYS     12    Core          Generated when we use a bad argument in a system service call (Bad System Call)
    SIGPIPE    13    Termin.       Generated when writing to a pipe or a socket while 
                                   no process is reading at other end (Broken Pipe)
    SIGALRM    14    Termin.       Generated by clock when alarm expires (=Alarm Clock)
    SIGTERM    15    Termin.       Software termination signal
    SIGURG     16    Ignore/Exit   Urgent condition on IO channel ( or User Signal 1)
   +SIGUSR2    17    Exit          User Signal 2
   +SIGCHLD    18    Ignore        Child Status
    SIGCHLD    20    Ignore        A child process has terminated or stopped (Window Size Change)
    SIGTTIN    21    Stop/Ignore   Generated when a background process reads from terminal ( or Urgent Socket Condition)
    SIGTTOUT   22    Stop/Ignore   Generated when a background process writes to terminal ( or Stopped (signal))
   +SIGSTOP    23    Stop          Stopped (signal) => confusion with sig.:22
    SIGXCPU    24    Discard/Stop  CPU time has expired (Stopped (user))
   +SIGCONT    25    Ignore        Continued
   +SIGTTIN    26    Stop          Stopped (tty input) => confusion with sig.:21 
   +SIGTTOU    27    Stop          Stopped (tty output) => confusion with sig.:22
   +SIGVTALRM  28    Exit          Virtual Timer Expired
   +SIGPROF    29    Exit          Profiling Timer Expired
    SIGUSR1    30    Termin./Core  User defined signal 1 ( or CPU time limit exceeded) => confusion with sig.: 16,24
    SIGUSR2    31    Termin./Core  User defined signal 2 ( or File size limit exceeded) => confusion with sig.: 17
   +SIGWAITING 32    Ignore        All LWPs blocked
   +SIGLWP     33    Ignore        Virtual Interprocessor Interrupt for Threads Library
   +SIGAIO     34    Ignore        Asynchronous I/O

Additional Note's:

  • + = Added from other resource.
  • "Termin." and "Exit" should be the same concept here.
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