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An example...

Configure SSH to use specific settings for the website:

homy07:/root # cat .ssh/config 
>Port 222
>User your_user_name

Accept the initial fingerprint and test the ssh connection:

homy07:/root # ssh
> accept fingerprint by answering "yes" 
> type your password : ******
> exit

Export some environment variables (or put them in your .profile):

homy07:/root # export
homy07:/root # export CVS_RSH=ssh

Note: if the CVSROOT var seems incorrect the set the username, like this...

Do some CVS stuff (make shure you have cvs installed):

homy07:/root # cvs checkout cmo
homy07:/root # mkdir testje ; cp source* testje/ ; cd testje
homy07:/root/cmo # cvs add -m "test wvh" ./testje/*
homy07:/root/cmo # cvs commit
homy07:/root/cmo # cvs history

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