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A demo distribution for the TX admin toolkit.

Based on a small linux distribution

  • DSL 50MB compressed image
  • ABOX 17MB

Perl required

  • A small distro with Perl included
DSL has Perl included!
  • include it myself (size=25MB!)
combined with 2.4 kernel and busybox this can still be a small distro, but then you have a uncompressed DSL installation (200MB) or minimal Debian install (350MB)
  • ABOX
  • Miniperl size is 1MB
can be combined with uclibc and a older kernel (2.4 or 2.2) to create a really small distro (see also this mailing list message)
  • ABOX
  • Slax
  • LSF (Linux From Scratch)

Close to embedded but needs more fexibility and standard tools

DSL (or similar distro) looks like the easyest and most flexible option. I prefer Debian based so DSL is a good choice but what are the alternatives?
non-Debian based
  • ?



  • iso
  • vmplayer image
  • qemu

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