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Note: I do't really know why i set this page up but i like to collect data. Collecting historic data is interesting but major, it take lots of reading [which i hate] an lots of time [which i "seem" to be short off]. Time flies, ducumenting and reviewing it crawls.

People influential/importand/intersting ...

If you search for more lists on the web then be carefull with US-Centric visions!

What abouth events???

What abouth monumental achievements?

This can be tricky. Should there always be people involved? Should they actually be recognised "monuments"? Should it be tangible? Damn, this could get big, maybe the title is wrong?

  • So, lets start BIG and make the rest insignificant : the galaxy. Space is a huge place, there is lots of stuff to learn!
  • 7 wonders of the world.
  • Think "Extreme Sience".
  • electric networks, (rail)roads, satelite networks, ...
  • DNA sequencing - does this belong here? It's more of a milestone then an achievement ... Other milestones: in space exploration, in scientific research, in political and conceptual debate, ... Hmm, debate. That could be another path history can teach us : cycles. Natural, political, ICT, ...

a start...

1337-1453 w - 100 year war between england and france
1488-1580 e - great sea explorations (Vasco Da Gama - Francis Drake)
1800-1815 w - napoleonic wars
1861-1865 w - american civil war
1878      e - first commercial electric light bulb (commercialized but NOT invented by Thomas Edison),
1879-1955 p - albert einstein
1903      e - first "modern" flight by wright brothers
1914-1918 w - world war 1
1939-1945 w - world war 2
1946      e - eniac computer
1947      e - first supersonic flight (X-1-1)
1948      e - transistor (pantented)
1951      e - name computer bug established
1953      e - dna discovered
1957      e - first satellite transmission (sputnik beeps), 1 year before US
1958      e - first IC
1960      e - pdp1 computer is out
1961-1975 w - vietnam war
1969      e - man on the moon
1969      e - birth of unix
1972      e - the game of pong
1975      e - first ibm portable computer
1980      e - computers like altair, trs-80, appleII, lisa and pdp11 are out
1981      s - first ibm pc
1988      e - internet worm (morris)  jams 6000 military computers 
1988      e - foundation of CERT (computer security incident response and coordination)
1989      e - creation www by Tim Berners Lee (weaving the web)
1990-1991 w - gulf war
2000      e - dna sequencing of human genome completed

w = war (period)
p = person
e = event

Wars, alliances and modern day status.

1500-1800-1914-1945-1966 Many wars/conflicts were preceded by European expansionism/colonialism (FR,UK,NL,BE,SP,...).
Many events like this were leading-up to World War I.
1882-1914 Triple Alliance (trigger: German expansionism, secret agreement between Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary)
1907 Anglo-Russian Entente & Triple Entente (UK & RU and later FR)
1914-1918 World War I (Allies / Triple Entente VS. Central Powers)
  (Russian Empire, French Third Republic, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
  vs. Germany, Austria-Hungary and later Italy).
1920–1946 League of Nations (goal: prevent future wars, precursor of UN)
1939-1945 World War II (trigger: Unresolved WWI rivalries contributed to the start)
1940–1945 Axis powers (trigger: Germany, Italy, and Japan expansionism)
1947–1991 Cold War (trigger: Soviet expansionism)
  PS: Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1980s triggered creation of Al-Qaeda in 1988.
1945-NOW United Nations (Global)
1949-NOW NATO (North Atlantic Alliance)
1990-1991 gulf war (trigger: US Imperialism/exceptionalism)
2001–NOW War on Terror (trigger: radical islamic Al-Qaeda 9/11)
2014-NOW Operation Inherent Resolve - Islamic State terrorism (trigger: radical islamic expansionism)
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