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Page reserverd for links to Super and Retro Computing machines.

Q: Why also Supercomputers?

A: Becouse when a supercomputer is build and operational it immediately becomes obsolete, and they are "cool".

Q: Is it only Heavy Metal that belongs in your Dino Penn?

A: No, ALL retro but i won't do pocket calculating machines (per-se) like most sites. But then again, i said "links to", i won't be providing the actual material but will refer to the available virtual musea on the net.

A selection

ENIAC (1946):

Cray 1, Where true supercomputing started:

CM-2 (Thinking Machines), pure execentrism:

CM-5 (Thinking Machines), how a Supercomputer "should" look like:

DEC PDP 1 (1960) here come the mini's:

PDP-8, a classic:

Paperclip Computer:

Paperclip Computer, see also:

Lisa 1 (Apple):

TRS-80 alias Trash80, (Tandy), my first system:

Altair, no comment:

NeXT Cube with NeXTstep OS:

Various Links

Old-school Supercomputing Company's

Q: Why "old-school"?

A: Because today Supercomputing tend to lean towards clusterig and geo-grids.

  • Cray Inc.
  • NEC Corporation (Nippon Electric Company)
  • IBM Corporation (International Business Machines)
  • SGI (Silicon Graphics)
  • Fujitsu
  • Hitachi
  • Hewlett Packard
  • HP = Compaq = Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Convex
  • Thinking Machines Corporation
  • Meiko Scientific
  • Intel, yes they had some too.
  • Sucks


Tip: If the webpage you seek is not available any longer or a link inhere is dead, then do not forget that there is a site outhere to bring it back from the dead. Use the way-back-machine AT But sometime the Google "cache" is more then sufficient.

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