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Doing devops?

What is DevOps? But remember you are still a sysadmin! DevOps is way of thinking and working, not a job title.

  • Git (see: GitNotes, OnlineGitRepositories, GitTools) <== version controll
  • SaltStack <== look at me command & control all the servers - let me fix this quickly for ya!
  • ForwardDNS <== stupid internal DNS server not letting me setup my test labs - nah, i forward all the things!
  • PuppetSetup <== configure by contract, write modules for reuse and do devopsy things - dont forget Augeas!
  • TMux <== as a screen user u must say that tmux has some nice features for small scale (cluster/landscape) analysis.


  • LogStash or OSSIM or graylog2 <== log / process all the things!
  • NIDS Snort, Sguil, Sagan, Suricata <= Network Security Monitoring
  • Docker & LXC <== yeah! finally the world gets-it that containers are the way to go!
  • Selenium, Jenkins, eCATT, Loadrunner(HP), Rational(IBM) ... <== lets test this and make AD happy and stuff...
  • Chef / Ansible <== meh, maybe some day...

Articles/info about: SAPDevOps.

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