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The Library...

This page is a complete mess, but it's all here. It includes:

Wiki books & references

Scripting References:



Guide(s) for home and small businesses

FreeBSD system programming

Open Group Online Book Store (some are free)

IBM Developerworks


Unix introduction -- KU Leuven


Devellopment guides


"Here we collect links to several video feeds. I like the idea of education by presentation so feel free to add computer-related links to streams or downloadable movies. I have +5GB of movies, commercials and interviews lying around, so if you are interested please mail to Contributions are welcome too ;)"

"Engelbart's Unfinished Revolution" A Symposium at Stanford University (December 9, 1998). It includes cool snippets from Doug's demo in 1968 but starts with a boring opening speach from Condolisa Rice, the rest is verry interesting.

(The original place for the symposium was here:

Snippets from "The Mother of All Demos" by Doug Engelbart:

Historic presentation(s) by Alan Kay

more (not explored) webcast lists:



Not free, (as in gratis) whatever they tell you...

Other Library's

To sort out...

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