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godverdoomme da was lekker

BR0291I BRSPACE will be started with options '-p -s 20 -l E -f dbshow -c dbparam'

use -c force for batch mode

brspace -c force -p -f dbshow -c dbparam

insert your test here

SNOTE will not implement SAP Note 643465 as context and/or deletion blocks do not exist or are inconsistent.

Look ma, browsing without mouse :D

$ echo "Hello world"
Hello World
$ exit
ip access-list extended example-acl
remark ** This is an example acl **
deny ip any host
permit ip any any
  test fhsdjfh jkfh skjfh 
fsdf qsdfsdf
fsdf sqdf qs
sdf sf qsdfqsdfqsdfqs 
  • puntje 1
  • ten tweede
  • 3
  • last -1
  • the end

bla bla

  1. fds fdsfs
  2. dsfsdf
  3. fqsdf sdf s


Cool way to get


  • it is eye catching
  • flexible
  • not too dificult
code insertion


previous way is abuse of tables,

this way could be better...

  • color
  • box



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