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Knowing your way around.

Beforehand: On this page you will find links and references related to UNIX™, UNIX based-systems and the Unix Community.

Biting the bullet...

Note: It is not always easy to use the correct name and I actually did not want to touch this but hey, it's part of the community... Personally i do not care mucht on how "you" classify software and operating system but you should [at least] know the difference.

Political correct naming:

  • GNU / Linux
  • F / OSS, FOSS, OSS / FS or even FLOSS
  • UNIX based systems
  • GNU or BSD style commands

Political incorrect or un-intended specification:

Note: If anyone can write this more clearly, step forward and give it a shot by commenting.


Organisations: The Free Software Foundation, Open Source Initiative (OSI), The Open Group, USENIX Association, Source Technology Group (OSTG), Linux Professional Institute, The UNIX System Home Page (Open Group), Open Invention Network

Project oriented: The GNU Project, OSDL, Debian -- Universal Operating System, The Linux Kernel,

Free OS: Distrowatch,, Microsoft alternatives, Linux, *BSD variants, HURD (on Mach or L4), and various others, ...


See also: OSS/FS reference from D.Wheeler

Social Contracts

Standardisation efforts

See also: The Open Group Certification Programs, Free Standards Group

Extra community info...

Legal (should be further explored):

FOSS Contributions for non-programmers

  • testing
  • bug reporting
  • documentation
  • web design/maintenance
  • translations
  • packaging

References: PuTTY Feedback and Bug Reporting, How to Report Bugs Effectively, How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, SF Project Help Wanted


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