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Q. What do you say "SAP is not an Operating System!"?
A. Correct, but it has the complexity of one. Someone once said to me "How hard can it be? It's just a program!" - untill the end of his first course :D Here was my first attempt (anno 2005) to put it into a diagram before i got to know SAP up-close: SAPdiagram.fig.txt (Xfig file1).

This page could contain notes, hints and tips on SAP R/3, mySAP, Netweaver, ... There is not mutch content here yet, most stuff I have are internal documents. Just think of it as a placeholder.

Query SAP Data

BRSPACE will be started with options '-p -s 20 -l E -f dbshow -c dbparam'

use -c force for batch mode

brspace -c force -p -f dbshow -c dbparam



1java webstart version of Xfig

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