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Attic news...

Software: Can open source replace Microsoft Exchange?

Software: Browser faceoff

Software: brtfs

Kernel: Linux kernel 2.6.25 & latencytop

Hardware: AMD & VIA roadmaps

software: You Used Perl to Write WHAT?! - LOL!

Software: KDE4.0 Release Event Keynote - Aaron Seigo (flash video)

Software: Linux System_Latency and reference to systemtap; Intel's LatencyTOP

Hardware: wierd keyboards

Software: read-only vs. unprev. mounts

Software: Linux containers

Software: Apple "We Don't Hate iPhone Coders"

Software: abouth Linux media center

OS: Linux kernel dev. abouth Vista network slowdown

Legal: Is it illegal to unlock my iPhone?

Software: Windows Genuine Advantage suffers worldwide outage, problems galore

Fun! plain stupid fun

Hardware: Tilera announces 64-core processor

Hardware: 'World first' quantum computer set to debut next week

Security: Competition to select a replacement for SHA-1

Software: Cisco flaws may cripple networks

Software: OS Benchmark (2004)

Software: A Mac user switches to Vista (and back)

Security: Dec. 2004 I did write (SHA-0 => cracked, MD5 => compromised, SHA-1 => still standing - for now). Wel, that is old news now... Chinese Prof Cracks SHA-1 Data Encryption Scheme

Corp: keynote of major CEO's analyzed

Fun! Colbert on the iPhone and some other stuff

Hardware: iPhone & LG KE850: separated at birth? (more) - joke?

Software: Geek to Live: The command line comeback

Software: Virtualization (focus on Linux and IBM)

Software: More Vista madness: User Licence & content protection

Hardware/software: The 20 Most Innovative Products of the Year

Software: KVM To Be Merged Into Linux Kernel 2.6.20 (KVM = kernel-based virtual machine, see faq)

Software: The Vista Editions

Software: Microsoft wins industry standard status for Office

Fun! Servers, Hackers, and Code In The Movies & Hollywood OS

Software: Vista Minimum Requirements Unrealistic

Software: The Problem with Programming

Hardware: GPUs To Power Supercomputing's Next Revolution

Software: Confessions of a Recovering NetBSD Zealot

Software: WAJAX web OS

Software: Cool things you can do on Mac

Software: Make Firefox Look Like Internet Explorer

Software: Microsoft winds back Office ribbon

Hardware: New virus attacks AMD processors

Software: An overview of modern fancy UNIX desktop systems

Hardware: Eric LaForest: Next Generation Stack Computing

Software: Linux XGL/Compiz Graphics to Apple Aqua & Vista Aero: EAT ME!

Software: lots of mac shortcuts

Software: Stiff asks, great programmers answer

Hardware: High-tech cloning (RFID)

Hardware: The Future of Computing

Software: IE7 Acid2 Results

Community: An Inside View From a Google Employee

Bio: Programmable Tattoos

Community: The Meaning of “Ubuntu”

Fun: YouTube RC machines...

Hardware: perpendicular hard drive test

Software: Windows Vista - Deleting a shortcut is just a few clicks away....

Cool: Infernoptix - This screen will warm up when used

Software: First Look at SUSE Linux 10.1

Software: Cracking WEP and WPA Wireless Networks

Community: Metamath Music Page

Hardware: The Computer Bed

Software: Fast OS Switching

Software: Linux Distro mindmap

Software: Oracle Plugs 36 Holes in Critical Patch Update

Fact! F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web Content

Hardware: Motorized Nanocar

Community: Google Calendar available!!!

Community: emailbattles - the joke of modern communication

Software: Quake3 in a browser

Hardware: The Army's Robot Sherpa

Cool: Puzzle of leaping liquid solved

Social: How to Wow 'Em Like Steve Jobs

Hardware: First Clockless Processor

Hardware: Top 10 Geek Watches

Hardware: Methanol based micro Fuel Cell

Software: VolkersW virtualization blog

Software: Maxxuss cracks Intel only code

Software: XGL To Adopt AIGLX Changes

Community: Wi-fi rots your brain

Community: What the other Steve is saying about Apple's striking resurgence

Hardware: Exclusive Opteron 185, 285 CPU Benchmarks, Launch Info

Hardware: AMD Socket AM2 Roadmap Shakeup

Hardware: x86 Alternatives, Few but Strong

Hardware: Bi-manual, multi-point, and multi-user interactions on a graphical interaction surface (touchscreen)

Software: Sun plans to get Linux on UltraSPARC via Xen

Software: Virtualisation security and ring layers

Software: Compiz Window Manager Released (XGL video)

Software: Google on-line chat

Hardware: IBM's blade agenda: Cell chip, InfiniBand

Fun! Whisky PC

Community: Search Engine Privacy Explained

Software: Novell Linux Desktop Demonstration Videos

Software: Statistical programming with R

Software: Hidden in Plain Sight (abouth dtrace)

Hardware: NetBSD on a toaster

Google-Lucky search! "most powerful woman"

Hardware: Optimus keyboard

Hardware: Recipe for Winning Chip Battles

Google-Lucky search! "failure"

Community: /. posting (howto)

Software: Browser market share 2005

Community: Age of information overload

Community: Coding Bounties

Software: Data compression - Aggregated Results

Community: No Fun at All

Community: Yahoo! Messenger will now talk with MSN Messenger

Software: speed up firefox (tip)

Hardware: AMD, Intel Eye New Turf (Presidio and Pacifica)

OS: AX5 "must...stop...laughing..."

Hardware: An eCLipz Looms on the Horizon (IBM POWER6)

OS: 9 Common GNU/Linux Myths

OS: Where are they now (Moshebar)

OS: Sun Ravaged, IBM Lauded in Unix Server Study (report)

OS: Intel VT vs. AMD Pacifica SVM

Scary! 52 chips in 1 car??? Is the PowerPC due for a second wind?

Scary! Rat Brains Fly Planes

Software: Google X

Software: Office Problems, Solved

some new webstuff: NewsMap, Google base, Linux shots, KSmoothDock, Yahoo Video Search

OS: McNealy: Why "Sun Is Back"

Hardware: CNET PRIZEFIGHT: AMD vs. Intel dual-core CPUs

OS: An Introduction to Virtualization

OS: OS Virtualization: An Introduction

OS: Nexenta GNU/OpenSolaris - yet another SunOS-based distro.

Software: Make your Eclipse applications richer with view linking

OS: 16 papers on real-time and embedded Linux

Software: Lotus Domino/Notes 7

Software: Review: Elive 0.3

Software: Introduction to the Xen Virtual Machine

Software: The State of Linux Graphics

OS: Apple OS X runs just fine on AMD CPUs

OS: Linux is harder to live with, reckons poll

Advocacy: Five reasons NOT to use Linux

Community: Hello, byebye MSN!

Software/Hardware: Emulation and cross-development for PowerPC

Cool! Steganography with Flickr

Tech: Ribbons, Sheets and the Nanofuture

Software: Introduction to Mach-O File Format Reference

Scary! The Power of Nightmares

OS: Linux vs. Windows: TCO Comparison

OS: Dept. 1127: going, Going, GONE! (ref.: /.)

Fun! NCSA Compares Google and Yahoo Index Numbers

Development: General Purpose Computation Using a GPU

OS: At Microsoft, the yin and yang of Linux

OS: The 2005 Linux Kernel Developers' Summit

Hardware: Open Chips Take Aim at Hardware World

OS: HP Propelling Linux Into Truly 'Big' Time (ref.: /.)

OS: 64-bit computing: Co-existing in a 32-bit world

OS: Why FreeBSD

Business: Sun suffers self-imposed Linux lobotomy

Business: Open-Source Investment Begins to Pay

Software: Is Perl relevant any longer?

Hardware: picotux

Hardware: LittleChips (6.4Inch + Main board)

Hardware: Hackable $99 Linux Handheld Includes WiFi; see also: (modpage1), (modpage2)

Cool! Homemade 19" Server Rack

OS: Changing The Default Hertz

Software: Is crippling the competition acceptable?

Community: The Filtered Future (ref: /.)

OS: The Big *BSD Interview

Community: Interview: Theo de Raadt on Industry and Free Software

Hardware: mod chips illegal in UK (= older story found trough here)

Community: open letter to the open source community

OS: How Microsoft Will Die (silly article)

OS: Meet the experts: Arnd Bergmann on Cell (Linux kernel maintainer)

OS: Cell Linux port aims for mainstream kernel tree

Scary! Boffins create zombie dogs

Hardware: Linux powers low-cost petabyte-level storage

Cool! Building a WallTop

Legal: Clarifying the Developer's Certificate of Origin

OS: Open Solaris Derivative Available (live-cd)

Software: Moodss: when capacity planning becomes a must

OS: Linux: Benchmark Comparisons Between Adeos and PREEMPT_RT

Hardware: On Threads (parallelizing).

Development: Getting Started with eXtreme Programming

Hardware: Add-on PlayStation 3 HDD will run Linux

Hardware: Intel set to go quad core early too (but probably later then AMD)

Software: The brains behind Apple's Rosetta: Transitive

Hardware: Optware to Release 30 GB Holographic Card for less than $1 at the End of 2006

OS: OpenSolaris to go live next week

Software: Microsoft 'hypervisor' plan takes shape

Hardware: Seiko Epson Develops 200 ppi Definition Flexible E-paper

Software: Observer, the end of blind computer soon

Software: Performance Tools for Optimizing Linux: Process-Specific CPU

Software: HOWTO Change Windows XP Home to Windows XP Pro

Sience: Physicists control the flip of electron spin

OS: POWER5 Virtualisation, SUSE as an alternative to the AIX Virtual I/O Server

Hardware: IBM Discloses Cell Based Blade Server Board Prototype

Hardware: PS3 specs

Software: Red Hat to Open-Source Netscape Directory

Hardware/Software: Home PBX

Hardware: Linux Cherry(tm) keyboard

OS: Solaris Containers and Zones

Software: Multi-session re-writable live CD

Cool! How to build a Core Data application on Tiger

Fun! Longhorn: Fewer BSODs, More RSODs, see also here.

Hardware: AMD's Athlon 64 X2 processors. The dual-core desktop battle is joined

Technology! In technology race, China has powerful strategy

Community: Open Source VS Windows: Reality of a Better Paradigm

Software: Text Mode Browser Comparison

OS: Ars Technica Reviews Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

Cool! Optical Camouflage

Technology! 10 Emerging Technologies

Hardware: AMD does it again, after beating Intel with x86 64bit... The dual-core x86 server era begins thanks to AMD

Supergeek! OpenBSD Lyrics

Hardware: InPhase To Demo Holographic Storage

Software: Munich Court Again Enforces GPL

Software: Open letter abouth why not using Subversion for the Linux kernel.

OS: Linux: Non-Free Firmware Blobs

Fun! Perpendicular Storage -- Flash(tm)

Software: Groupware Bad -- by jwz.

Hardware: Photonics Startup Pegs Q2'06 Production Date

Software: Novell Keyote -- flash video.

Cool! Transparent screens. ;)

Fun! The Solar Death Ray

Software: Xen guide, Build a sandbox... -- surprising that it is IBM, who is actually posting this!

Cool! Crazy Czech builds Mac G4 in ugly car and custom devellops his sw. - still a stunning result.

Hardware: AMD jockeys with Intel in multi-OS race; abouth: Pacifica, Vanderpool and Xen.

Community: Sowing the Seeds of Open Source Advocacy

OS: From GUI-Avoider to OS X

Software: Help for Xen, IBM throws weight behind multi-OS push - rHype

OS: About Solaris9 "containers" and Solaris10 "zones"

Software: New enlightenment (E17) and rasterman's opinions about xdevconf.

OS: DragonFlyBSD slides (pdf)

Hardware: Transplant a Mac mini into a micro-ATX case and attached extra storage

Software: Experimental (Open)GL Xserver, Source, a description.

Shocking! "It's fun to shoot some people"

OS: GNU/HURD Port from Mach to L4 - First Program Executed

OS: It's '92, and this is what Steve Jobs was doing at that time...

OS: BigTux project shows Linux scaling to 64 processors

Hardware: Cell Architecture Explained: Introduction. I created a sepperate page to follow-up on this : IBMCell [Last updated 5 March 2005].

Hardware: Great moments in microprocessor history

Software: Cygwin (with X) on a live CD

Software: MD5 To Be Considered Harmful Someday

  • SHA-0 broken,
  • MD5 compromised,
  • SHA-1 still standing (for now).

Supergeek! Heavy Metal Machine

Software: Red Hat, Novell To Package Xen.

Cool! Fly with a cluster of colorful toy balloons.

Health: An Update on Patrick Volkerding

Community: Torvalds Slams EU Patent Proposal

Fun! You need to killsometime?

OS: Linux: Pluggable CPU Schedulers

Devellopment: Perl 6 grammars and regular expressions

Hardware: POWER5 blows the lid off of TP benchmarks

Hardware: IBM POWER4 Processor Review

OS: FreeBSD for Linux Users

Software: Xen 2.0 Released

OS: Comparing Linux and AIX

Hardware: Processor Fabrication: How a CPU is Built

Software: The New Breed of Version Control Systems

Devellopment: What you need to know to write man pages

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