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Space Gravity [DRAFT]

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Q. are there any stations planned that will have: radial acceleration aka centripetal force aka "artificial gravity"?

Random notes to get started...

1st Gravity is often an incorrect term! Radial Acceleration or Centripetal Force seem to be more correct to what we are referring to (unless there is some scientific breakthrough to explain gravity).

Early attempts:

  • 1966, first radial acceleration / centripetal force experiment by Gemini XI (11) using a tether (youtube reference)
  • 1996, Tethered Satellite System experiment during STS-75 (youtube reference).

I have read the issues but are still not sure why they they did not try to improve this. Cost may be higher due to primary & secondary backup modules, the need to duplicate life support, docking issues, ... However, alternative features to improve may be: (dynamic/variable) counterbalanced module, strutted modules with center section for docking, ...


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