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Note: this wiki is not maintained anymore (for some years now)!

Sporadic News Articles

InfoSec CIA triad in a new dress. CIA3 is more complete and easy to adopt. goto CIA-cubed

Verisign confirms the trend of increased DDOS capabilities, mainly on UDP traffic (like DNS & NTP). This in combination with an increase in Application Layer attacks, makes the continued trend, to target IT Services/SaaS solutions, an undeniable risk factor when considering out-/co-sourcing internal corporate services. Ref: ref.

Security: We think we are secure because we have network firewalls. However the most important task of a firewall is: to let traffic through. Therefore protecting the hosts and, most importantly, protecting the data should be your main concern!

Physics: 20120704. A new boson particle with a mass of 125.3 plus or minus 0.6 GeV. All channels combined, sensitivity is 4.9 sigma standard deviation. All results are consistent. In short LHC/CMS have discovered a new boson, and it behaves like the Standard Model Higgs - 99.9999% sure. LHC/ATLAS confirms, 5 sigma discovery at 126.5 GeV. Congratulations CMS & ATLAS, the "goddamn" Higgs-Boson particle has finally been found to confirm the unified view for basic laws of nature - this is a historic event for humanity! Surely Brian Cox will educate the masses (like me) regarding the importance of this finding.

Names to remember regarding the particle prediction dating back to 1964: Peter Higgs (Edinburgh University physicist), Tom Kibble (professor emeritus at Imperial College London) and last but not least François Englert and Robert Brout (both professor at the Free University of Brussels).

Software: SAP and Teradata Punch Back at Oracle (Gartner:Terradata)

Software: LXC Linux containers howto

Software: A Better File System for Linux?

Software: virtualization compare from a biassed vendor

Software Reboot like a racecar with kexec

Software: Gaping hole opened in Internet's trust-based BGP protocol

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